Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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1 Map companies is presented in the process of filing at the Posadas Industrial Park 11477
2 Hugo Passalacqua said "the historic opportunity to begin the industrial revolution in Misiones" 10781
3 Businessmen explained their projects and progress of works in the Posadas Industrial Park 10585
4 They handed the prizes to the winners of Creating Visual Identity Posadas Industrial Park 10050
5 To improve competitive the APROMETAL 8605
6 He began dictating the course "Naval Constructor of small boats" 10098
7 The Posadas Industrial Park participated in the Assembly CAME 7976
8 Closs highlights the industrial potential of the province 6586
9 The city of Posadas invites interested in progress "Naval Constructor of small boats" 7102
10 ADIMRA Congress Young 2014 44591
11 Concurso de Creación de Identidad Visual representativa del Parque Industrial Posadas SAPEM 62369
12 The Industial Park Posadas consolidates and business productive space 59081
13 The Industrial and Technology Parks: Key Actors in Local Development 7581
14 Industrial parks as drivers of local development and competitiveness 80938
15 Planning workshop sme ship wood and furniture 85789
16 Meeting of FAPI in Moron 84967
17 Constitution of Metropolitan Metallurgical Production Agglomerated Posadas 82688
18 Inauguration of the Industrial Park Posadas 88745
19 Plan for the development of activities, industry and services nautical Posadas 73587
20 Reviewed progress in local development Posadas 72878
21 National and provincial authorities highlighted the potential of the shipbuilding industry in Misiones 55672
22 Meeting of Industrial Parks in Chivilcoy 55287
23 Convention the Municipality of Posadas and INTI 52434
24 National registration incorporation and agreement with INTI. 55779
25 Italian entrepreneurs interested in settling in the Industrial Park Posadas. 54904
26 Franco presided over the presentation of the Industrial Park, the CGT Andresito Guacurari. 48967
27 Strengthen the metallurgical sector entities Misiones 48518
28 The shipping industry is a great opportunity for the Industrial Park 50579
29 Day "Industrial Parks as a tool for National Growth" 41170
30 Tourism and Marine Industries 46192
31 Meeting with representatives of the FAPI 40273
32 Neighborhood Briefing 39625
33 Technical meeting with INTI 39975
34 Posadas Industrial Park is part of the Argentina Federation of Industrial Parks 42024
35 Funding to improve the competitiveness of the NEA 39769
36 Closs Governor called on entrepreneurs to invest in the future Industrial Park Inns 29908
37 Analyzed more than 30 projects of regional integration 11754
38 Technical analysis and cooperative sector 28750
39 Conference on Regional Productive Potential and Associativity 25839
40 Posadas Statement 11807
41 Agree to additional work 12006
42 Funding and support the entrepreneur 12333
43 Prepare sectoral workshops 12234
44 Officials and businessmen from Paraguay have confirmed their presence at the conference 12537
45 Industries and Marine Services 12900
46 Lieutenant Governor and the Mayor Hugo Franco Passalaqcua works toured Industrial Park 14466
47 The integration of production creates special interest in companies in Brazil 13192
48 The Argentine Association of Metallurgical Industries seeks to create an office in Posadas 12756
49 - Launch of the Regional Productive Potential Conference and Associativity 13404
50 Participation in the Bureau of Productive Integration Itapúa Department (Paraguay) 12474
51 Promote the Industrial Park in Chaco and Corrientes 14239
52 Presentation of the Industrial Park in Brazil 16715
53 Analyze Industrial Park zoning Guest 15678
54 They believe that the Industrial Park Inns are in a "key site" for future development 14822
55 The Municipality and the Chamber of Construction Argentina analyzed Industrial Park Inns 16759