Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Initially, there is available a space of one hundred and twenty hectares for the Industrial Park, on which a project will be developed in stages.

It will be a multiple item venture, establishing different areas for different types of industries, according to their characteristics and needs, also seeking ways to facilitate the formation of productive chains or clusters.

Preliminary, provides areas for:

  1. Industrialization of wood: tables, straps, liners, pallets, finger, openings, housing, furniture.
  2. Agro food: Industrialization and packaging.
  3. Construction: Concrete, precast, ceramics.
  4. Textiles: Clothes, work clothes, cleaning rags, grilles, panels.
  5. Metalworking: Openings and aluminum coatings, industrial maintenance workshops, forge, lathe, machinery and parts factories.
  6. Printing: Printing, forms and packaging.
  7. Recycling: paper, cardboard, plastics, nonferrous metals.
  8. Other: According to requirements, will be accommodated other industries that add value to raw materials of Misiones, creates jobs, and preserve the environment.

Common Areas: services to different productive clusters.

Workshop Area: To reduce the damage that these cause to the environment in inappropriate locations.

In a new area of large equipment: Near the airport, the Convention and Events Center and Knowledge Park will integrate, on the west of Posadas, a new pole of development of the city and the region. Adjacent to the new port of Posadas: Currently under construction, will facilitate the provision of inputs, output of production and domestic and international markets.