Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Sustainable Development

Because we intend to achieve a sustainable industrial development, compatible with environmental preservation.

  • Buildings with less impact on the ecosystem: With buildings easy to maintain, adaptable to changes in use with reusable or recyclable materials, and energy efficient.
  • Industrial effluent treatment: Preservation of pollution.
  • Area for garages and transportation companies: They're now scattered around the city, generating tow impregnated with solvents, used oil, filters, batteries and other contaminants.
  • Controlled densities of construction: Maintaining green areas to maintain a healthy and pleasant environment.
  • Green barriers of buffer between sectors: That cushions dust and noise.
  • Alternative Energy: its use will be encouraged.


A joint project in full development

Technical staffs of the Municipality of Posadas, of the Government of the Province of Misiones and of the Federal Council of Investments, are working on guidelines for the future Eco Industrial Park, in different lines of action:

  • Surveys of the current situation of the industries in the region, their needs and expectations of growth.
  • Study of Parks in the country and abroad, to provide the designed of the best features.
  • Survey of expectations and demands of industries in the country and abroad, potentially interested in settling in Posadas.
  • Survey of the area reserved by law, with a view to an optimal design of the Park.
  • A preliminary study of environmental impact.

Once it has the first draft, this will be put to consideration of business sectors and institutions from Misiones, in order to evaluate and enrich the whole.

One area of cooperation

It aims to create a public-private space, enabling the Companies to grow its benefits and its social utility, and the State to achieve its function of improving the lives of all people, from economic and social growth.

Industrial Promotion

Provincial and Municipal governments are currently discussing a package of benefits to be granted to firms that have a direct impact on reducing the cost of production and marketing, which will increased industrial competitiveness.