Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Productive logistics platform of posadas


The construction of new ports of Posadas and Santa Ana and the Industrial Park Posadas, is an excellent opportunity to promote the creation of the Productive Logistics Platform (PLP) with a cooperative work and public-private investment.

The National Government, the Province of Misiones and the city of Posadas, under the Territorial Strategic Plan 1810-2016 Bicentennial Argentina and the Posadas Strategic Plan 2022, promotes the creation of an infrastructure that provides the means of production, trade and transport, promoting the creation of productive logistics platform that allows integration of roads, port, airport, rail and customs services and communications to provide better conditions and facilities for competitiveness, integration and internationalization of production and service entities of the Province and the Municipality.


Posadas Port

Consequently, the construction of new ports Posadas and Santa Ana are an excellent opportunity to promote the creation of the Productive Logistics Platform (PLP) in a cooperative work and public-private investment.

This project of these ports refunctionalization is funded by EBY, whose commitment is explained by the Yacyretá Completion Plan, being executed by the Provincial Government.

The new Posadas Port develop not only port activities, as well as a wide range of logistics services, complemented by future Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL) and the Posadas Industrial Park. This new venture allows a major commercial-industrial movement and river transport on the Paraná River, for export loads and loads for the domestic market.

The new Posadas port is located about 10 km from the provincial capital, at the confluence of the stream Apepú and the Paraná River, downstream of Posadas.

Its land access is via Route 12 for heavy traffic and River access through the Paraná de las Palmas River  across the Yacyretá locks.

The port will have an operating platform and a public sector, having designed also a waiting area for barges, an area for mineral material and an access road that will link the port area with the existing road.

The platform will measure 151.50 meters of frontage and 50 meters wide, being dimensioned so that it can operate an electric crane on a gantry, about 130 tons of weight.

This platform contains an Operational Sector to officiate as a square container, moving up to 1,000 containers per month of 20 and 40 feet, containing general loads, refrigerated and hazardous loads. The public sector, also paved, have 151.50 meters long and 40 meters wide, is located behind the platform.

To the northeast location is planned an area reserved for future expansion of the Port, which will be extend the front platform about 100 meters, till complete a total length of 251.50 meters. In this sector will be installed two mooring structures, continuing the line of the front of the pier, creating a boats waiting area.

To the Southeast and ina fill area will be installed a small square of minerals designed to collection operations, boats loads and regional river stone distribution. For the berthing of ore barges, two structures have been installed in the square through two short metal walkways.

Is expected operation of barges 60 meters Length, 12.20 meters from Banda, 1500 tons to 2500 tons.


Santa Ana Port

El Puerto de Santa Ana has been designed as a major collecting center, packaging and transport of grain from southern Brazil through the border crossings of San Javier and Alba Pose, destined to the oil industries located in Rosario (Santa Fe) or the ones wich could be installed in Santa Ana, as well as general loads.