Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Why an Industrial Park in Posadas?

We conceived the Industrial Park project as a transformative element of the local and provincial economy. As an engine of development:


To strengthen the productive profile of Posadas: Currently the city has a leading profile in management and services, and tourism is bound to have an increasing role in the local economy, but it is necessary to develop a profile of production, setting up the groundwork for innovative development, that responds to the opportunities giving by the region and the world

To expand and diversify production: Generating work, adding value to products of the city and province, sparking the economy, attending social needs and contributing to developing with an strategic vision.

To order the City: Relocate industries that are scattered with difficulties in their operation and limitations on their growth, causing noise pollution, waste, transport difficulties and interference with other city services or causing discomfort to citizens.

To generate new industries: Employers from Posadas and from other parts of the province, the country or abroad, will find incentives to encourage new enterprises exploiting the advantages offered by the Eco Industrial Park Posadas, contributing to regional growth.

Polo of productive activities in the heart of Mercosur: To promote Economic, Industrial and Innovative Development, from its unique geopolitical location in the heart of Mercorsur



The  Industrial Park and the Posadas 2022

As part of this Plan is been analyzed a territorial reorganization of the city, promoting a new plan that allows a more orderly growth. In turn, the  Industrial Park and companies that reside in it, will be bolstered by the works that the Yacyreta Binational Entity performs: Coastal Management, Posadas Southern Access and Bypass Arch - Garita, among others.