Monday, June 17, 2019
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Scope of Innovation

Technological Park of Misiones ( An entity that provides and promotes conditions for the creation, installation and development of companies and educational and research institutions, committed to technological innovation and social responsibility. The structure comprises three key areas: Knowledge, State and Private Sector.

Business Incubator with Technology Based Posadas, it Depend on Technology Park of Misiones, select projects that provide space, technical assistance, consulting and financial advisory.

Executive Committee of Development and Technological Innovation ( provincial institution dedicated to the promotion, coordination and assessment of studies, research and scientific - technological developments, managing national and provincial resources of promotion and Technological Innovation.

Science and Technology Undersecretary of Misiones Province: Recently established, aims to strengthen knowledge management and technology and their relationship with the productive sector, guiding the generation of knowledge that contribute to competitive product innovation.

Technology Liaison Units (UVTs): Entities licensed by the National Government (Law 23,877 Promotion and Development of Technological Innovation) whose mission is to assist companies in developing innovative projects that involve research and development, technology transfer and technical assistance.

They bring their legal structure to facilitate the management, organization and projects management. The are four UVT's acting in Misiones:

  • National University of Misiones
  • Gastón Dachary University
  • ArgenINTA Foundation. National Institute of Agricultural Technology.
  • Missionary Foundation for Science and Technology