Monday, June 17, 2019
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Culture, sports and tourism

Posadas is a city that has cultural variety in art, music, literature, popular demonstrations and religious beliefs.

The profile of a modern city of Posadas, goes along with the freshness of its cultural diversity that nests in the neighborhoods, the Placita del Puente, the free fairs and craft tours.

Down Town with its Paseo Peatonal, 9 de Julio and San Martín squares, Shopping, shops, cinemas, theaters, pubs, restaurants and entertainment venues, make a bright street circuit to visit them.

On the banks of the Paraná the coastal avenue George Kemerer provides the framework for a landscape of great beauty and a meeting place to walk, fishing, boating, yachting, relaxation and enjoy the park, playgrounds and even pubs and restaurants.

As a balcony overlooking the waterfront is located the "Manuel Antonio Ramirez" amphitheater and The Republic of Paraguay Park, a place where there are plants, children's games and crafts.

It also has the outdoor cultural spaces as the Republic of Paraguay Park, Walking as Bosetti and The Terminal, many cultural places and The Knowledge Centre Park region's cultural node, consisting of the Public Library, the Center Art and Communication, the Prose Theatre, Lyric Theatre, the Astronomical Observatory and the Provincial Centre of Conventions and Events.

Many sports are practiced in the city as: football, basketball, volleyball, canoeing and swimming.